A blank map


A Map

Maps are an item in Minecraft. After crafting a Map it becomes a Blank Map. If The Player holds the map in their hand it will create a smaller image of their surroundings. If a player creates a map in survival, it will only show a portion of they area surrounding them. The rest must be uncovered by exploring the unmapped area. If a map is created in creative it will automatically map all of the surrounding area, so you do not have to uncover the rest of the map. 


Maps are crafted by placing 8 Paper around a Compass in a crafting table.

Item Frames

If a Map is put in an Item Frame, it will occupy the entire frame, leaving the "holding area" invisible.


A map's size can be enlargened by putting it in a Crafting Table and putting more paper around it.


  • Maps appear to be held with two hands in first person view.

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