The original texture (identical to standard chest)


The texture after 1.3.1

Locked Chests were an April Fool's addition to Minecraft.


Locked Chests were added in Minecraft 1.4, as part of an April Fool's joke by Notch. The idea came from the game Team Fortress 2, but instead of being named "Mann Co. supply crates", they were instead referred to as "Steve Co. supply crates". They had a small shop functionality. They are now completely unavailable, as their ID has been taken over by stained glass. Their texture is a simple cube with purple and black squares, as opposed to the chest texture they had originally.


  • Notch intended to remove them on April 2nd, but delayed it until the 5th due to illness
  • When placed next to each other, locked chests would join together to form a locked double chest, with the same functionality
  • If you place Stained Glass in a world in 1.7,and then load the world in 1.6.4 or lower, the block turns into a locked chest.
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