A Lever

Levers, also called Switches, like Buttons and Pressure Plates, are switches available Minecraft. Unlike the other two, however, they can be toggled by players (not mobs in this case), but do not turn off on their own. They will continue sending a redstone signal to blocks near them as long as they are activated. This is useful in situations such as piston doors, or iron doors in villages.



  • Although they are primarily Cobblestone, Levers can be broken by hand, and will drop as an item.
  • Apart from the player, no mob can interact with a lever (except by destroying it in some way, in the case of Creeper explosions and Ghast fireballs*.)

*Blaze fireballs, while they do not destroy the Lever itself, may set fire to and burn any wooden blocks holding the Lever, indirectly destroying it.

Crafted Blocks
Crafted Blocks Brick (Block)BeaconRedstone TorchBlock of DiamondBlock of EmeraldBlock of GoldBlock of RedstoneBlock of IronBlock of CoalBlock of Lapis LazuliFlower PotItem FrameHopperDropperDispenserLeverPressure PlateButtonDoorTrapdoorPolished AndesitePolished DioriteSlabBookshelfJack o'LanternStained GlassStained ClayBlock of QuartzChestCrafting TableFurnaceAnvilEnchantment TableEnder ChestTrapped ChestStained Glass PaneSlime BlockBedNote BlockSticky PistonRedstone LampFence GateRedstone RepeaterRedstone ComparatorPowered RailActivator RailBoatMinecartMinecart with FurnaceCakeBrewing StandCauldron

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