Leads, also known as Leashes, were introduced by the Horse Update (1.6.1), can be attached to a passive mob to drag it somewhere. They are crafted with 1 Slimeball and 4 String, which makes 2 Leads.


A lead can be attached to any Fence to tether the mob it's holding. If any Arrow, including a Skeleton's, hits it, it will break. Leads can be removed by right-clicking.


When a lead is stretched 10 blocks it will break, dropping as an entity at the mob's feet. If any arrow hits a tethered lead, it will also break.



How To Craft a Lead.


Breakable PickaxeAxeShovelHoeSwordArmor
Other CompassClockName TagLeadHorse Armor
Transportation MinecartMinecart with FurnaceCarrot on a Stick

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