The Jungle Temple is a structure that can be found in Jungle Biomes, although it may be hidden by the numerous leaves and vines. It is made mostly of Moss Stone, with a bit of Chiseled Stone Brick as well. Before 1.8 snapshots came out, Jungle Temples were the only sources of Chiseled Stone Brick in the game.


The traps in the Jungle Temple consist of tripwires, Tripwire Hooks, and Dispensers filled with Arrows. It is advised that the player break these (with Shears so as to not set them off) and take the arrows to make traps or shoot later on.

Unhidden Chest

This chest is near one of the dispensers. It may contain Bones, Rotten Flesh, Iron Ingots, Gold Ingots, Diamonds, Emeralds, Enchanted Books and all types of Horse Armor.

Hidden Chest

This chest is hidden in a small puzzle of Redstone. It is advised to just break the Chiseled Stone Brick and Levers hiding it and loot the chest, as pressing the wrong level will cause a TNT explosion.


120px-Epic Fail

A Desert Temple spawned in place of a Jungle Temple.

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