Important Information
Full name Jukebox
ID 84
Type Misc
Blast Resistance Unspecified
Naturally Spawning Unspecified
Primary Tool Axe
Minimum tool level Wood
Drops Jukebox
Luminosity 0
Reaction to redstone Inert
Affected by gravity No
Jukeboxes are used to play Music Discs, which are dropped by a Creeper after death by a Skeleton's Arrow or sometimes found in Dungeon Chests. They
are crafted with 8 Wood Planks and 1 Diamond. This makes them rather rare, due to the fact that they are expensive and the fact that Music Discs are hard to farm without a specially built farm.


  1. Right-click the Jukebox with a Music Disc in hand. 
  2. Enjoy the music!
  3. Right-click again to remove the Music Disc. 
    Music Discs

    The different types of Music Disc.

    Jukebox crafting recipe minecraft

    How to craft a Jukebox

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