Ice Spikes are structures of Packed Ice that spawn only in Ice Plains Spikes Biomes. Most are between 7 and 15 blocks
150px-Ice World Spikes

One of the small and wide spikes.

tall; however, a few are immensely tall and can be up to 30 blocks high. There are two main types as mentioned below.


Thicker ice spikes are generally shorter; however, they can be 5x5 wide and long. This makes them an excellent house. They are often shorter than the small and spindly ones.

Small and Spindly

These are the tall, 30-block-high spikes. They often have jutting blocks of Packed Ice that do not seem to fit in, and they are not very thick - 3x3 at the widest. These are handy as places to stand and be safe, or as stilts for sky bases.

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