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A Human.

were NPCs taking the form of clones of The Player (the default skin). They spawned when the "G" key was pressed, while playing in Classic Mode, but this function was later removed. If the player has a custom skin, any humans created will still use default skin and will not assume the look of the player's skin. Humans could not break or place blocks, and they would wander around and jump at random times. Humans were only affected by solid blocks, but strangely not fluids, walking through them as if they were Air. Humans used to be spawned by using a map editor or mod. When spawned, however, they would pursue and attack the player. Strangely, they did not use the punching animation sequence that a normal player would, but instead they would just run into The Player.  Since 1.8, Humans can no longer be spawned in game even with a map editor or mod.


  • Humans, when spawned, may head to the left for half a second, before turning around to attack the player.
  • If a human spawner was placed before 1.8, the spawner will be blank.
  • Using /give <player> 383 1 49, will cause the client to crash, and until that file for the user is deleted, the player's client will crash on every connection to the server.
  • Notch originally made the human model to use in a top-down game called "Zombie Town."
  • Before Classic 0.3.0, the human skin face had a goatee.

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