Huge Mushrooms are structures found naturally in Mushroom Biomes, where they function as "trees," and Roofed Forest Biomes. Mushrooms will grow into Huge Mushrooms without Bone Meal if placed on Mycileum.They can also be grown by using Bone Meal on a Mushroom, but only if there is sufficient space and enough light level. Huge Mushrooms have three different blocks: the red body, the brown body, and the trunk. All of these blocks drop 0-5 Mushrooms when broken. An Axe is the quickest way to mine them.
Screen Shot 2013-11-23 at 11.44.13 AM

A Huge Mushroom in a Roofed Forest Biome, with another visible in the distance.

Huge Mushrooms

All Of The Huge Mushroom Blocks

150px-Huge Red Mushroom

The red huge mushroom.

150px-Huge Brown Mushroom

The brown huge mushroom.

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