Hoes are useful tools in Minecraft. They are used for preparing ground to plant Seeds, Carrots, or Potatoes.
Hoe Anim

The five types of Hoe.

However, a Wheat, Melon, Pumpkin, carrot, or Potato farm is very useful for a sedentary player.



A hoe is crafted by using the same design as a pickaxe would, but you would remove the plank/ingot/diamond/cobblestone on the right hand side of the top row as should to the left.


  • Hoes do as much damage as bare fists do; if the general rule of tool damage was followed, a Diamond Hoe would do 1.5 hearts of damage, an Iron Hoe would do 1, and so on. However, Hoes are counted as items, not tools, so they do 0.5 hearts of damage.
  • Hoes do not take durability damage from hitting mobs or players.
  • Hoes are often used as "scythes."
Minecraft Spotlight Hoes

Minecraft Spotlight Hoes

Learn more about Hoes in Honeyfern's video!

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