Health Points 30
Drops Raw Fish, Prismarine Crystal, Prismarine Shard
Spawn Ocean Monuments

[view][talk] This article is about the basic hostile monster. For the miniboss related to it, see Elder Guardian.

The Guardian is a hostile mob that spawns near Ocean Monuments. It is very dangerous, especially to newer players.


The Guardian has two main attacks: a "beam" attack and a "thorns" attack. The beam attack takes several seconds to charge, but then hits the player with a powerful beam of energy unless they are more than 14 blocks away from the Guardian or protected by blocks. The thorns attack is a passive ability, and damages the player if they strike the Guardian while its spikes are out.


  • Guardians can look at The Player and/or Squids with its large eye.
  • Guardian's spikes are always out when they are on land. Killing a guardian on land is not recommended.

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