Griefing is a term often used in Minecraft. It is also reffered to as trolling. This means that someone has destroyed someone else's work, with something like lava or TNT. Griefing is banned in most servers but is usually allowed in Faction servers. Most grief is replacable and repairable, but in some cases, recovery is impossible.

Types Of Griefing

  • Stealing items
  • Blowing up another Player's structure with TNT
  • Spreading lava all over structures
  • Breaking blocks
There are many forms of griefing, but these are the key types.

This example of griefing involved replacing all obsidian with pink wool.


  • Griefing can get people EXTREMELY angry. That's one of the reasons people do it, is to get people angry. They forget there is actually a person controlling that avatar.
  • There is many forms of griefing.
  • Griefing is ENCOURAGED on certain servers, mainly Faction servers.
  • Griefers are everywhere. Anyone can grief at any given time.

Tools For Griefing

  • TNT
  • Flint And Steel
  • Lava Bucket
  • Spawn Eggs

Many other things are used to grief.

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