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Gold Nugget

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Gold Nugget
Gold Nugget
Important Information
In-game name Gold Nugget
Item ID 371
Type Raw Materials
Stackable Yes (64)

Gold Nuggets are items that are used to craft Golden Carrots, Gold Ingots, and Glistering Melon. They are only naturally obtained from dead Zombie Pigmen. Gold Nuggets are gold, with a bit of a brownish shadow tint towards the edges. Nine gold nuggets make a Gold Ingot. To make a Golden Carrot (or a Golden Apple), surround a carrot (or apple) with eight Gold Nuggets. Gold Nuggets can not be found naturally before entering the Nether; crafting is required.

How to Obtain


  • Gold Nuggets make gold the only mineral in the game to have four forms, namely the Gold Blocks, the Gold Ingot, the Gold Ore, and the Gold Nugget itself.
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