A Giant.

Giants were 12-block-tall hostile mobs that were added and soon removed in the last edition of Survival Test, although they are still present in the code today. They used the Zombie model blown up 6 times. Giants had no attack form except to charge repeatedly into the player, though they do a fair amount of damage. They cannot be spawned without use of map editors, the /summon command, or mods. Although they do appear to be Zombies, they are not undead (meaning they are healed by Potions of Healing, harmed by potions of harming and are affected by Regeneration and Poison effects) and do not burn in sunlight.


  • Each Giant pixel was 3/8 of a block, making it the least detailed mob.
  • Shot arrows would be enlarged if they stuck in the Giant; each would appear gigantic.
  • The Giant was the first mob to use human pain sounds.
  • The Mojang team used the Zombie model because they didn't have a better one.
  • A giant's hit box is not the same size as the mob itself, which means you have to hit it in the middle.
  • Giants appear to have fire protection inbuilt.
  • They move their legs quite slowly while moving, which makes them look quite comical.
  • Giants won't spawn naturally in ANY biome ore condition.
  • When a giant wears armour or holds weapon,they would appear gigantic even though they will do the same amount of damage or protection.
Screen Shot 2013-09-08 at 10.51.08 AM

A Giant spawned with the /summon command.

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