300px-1.8 Biomes MixedForest
Important Information
In-game name Forest
Biome ID 4
Temperature 0.7
Landcover Grass
Sky Color N/A

Forests are a relatively common biome on Minecraft. They have medium-sized trees, grass, and occasional mushrooms. Forest Biomes are common spawn places for Sheep and Pigs. They are often not good for a starting player due to the lack of coal and places with overhangs, not to mention Skeletons hiding under the trees. Despite this, they are a good place to get wood, specifically oak.

Blocks, Items and Mobs


  • Though birch and oak trees spawn here, spruce does not. It will occasionally through a glitch in the game or a mod/mod pack.
  • Caves and other underground structures are often exposed here, second only in frequency to the plains biome.
300px-Flower forest

A variation to the Forest biome the Flower Forest Biome