Minecraft Spotlight Flint and Steel02:05

Minecraft Spotlight Flint and Steel

Learn about Flint and Steel!

Flint and Steel

Flint and Steel is a tool made from Flint and Iron Ingots. It will ignite Fire when right-clicked.


Flint and Steel is the chief firestarter in the game and is much cheaper than Fire Charges. When TNT is right-clicked with one, it ignites.


20111116133519!Craft-Flint and Steel

How to craft Flint and Steel

Flint and Steel can be crafted with one Flint and one Iron Ingot. In 1.7, its crafting recipe was changed to a shapeless recipe as long as both the items required are present and nothing else.


  • Flint and Steel used to be obtainable by trading with villagers, but this was removed in Minecraft 1.8.

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