Fishing Rod B

A Fishing Rod cast out.

The Fishing Rod is used for the collection of Fish and treasure, such as Saddles, Enchanted Books, or junk, such as Lily Pads or Ink Sacs. This is very useful, as Fish are an unlimited resource, although the rod's 65 durability can deplete more quickly than it seems, especially since it takes double damage when hitting a block.


  1. Right-click to send the rod out into water. It does not matter where you are standing.
  2. Wait. Odds of catching a fish are better with the Lure enchantment.
  3. When bubbles streak toward your bobber and it dips underwater, right-click to reel the fish in. The bubbles are only present 1.7 and after. If player before 1.7, just reel it in when the bobber dips and a splash is heard.
  4. Collect the fish and the experience given. It will usually bounce straight toward you, but sometimes it hits a block and ricochets. To combat this, fish with no blocks in front of you.

As a Weapon

When the Fishing Rod hits an entity, it takes triple durability damage. However, it can be used to pull mobs high up into the air to fall to their deaths or just reel Ghasts or Blazes in until they're in melee range. Note that the strike of the bobber itself does no damage.


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