Fishing is performed using a fishing rod.


There are four varieties of fish available.

Fish Name Chance
Fish 51%
Salmon 21.25%
Pufferfish 11.05%
Clownfish 1.17%


There are 6 treasure items available by fishing.

Item Name Chance
Bow 0.84%
Enchanted Book 0.84%
Fishing Rod 0.84%
Name Tag 0.84%
Saddle 0.84%
Lily Pad 0.84%


Bows and Fishing Rods obtained as treasure by fishing will be enchanted and slightly damaged. Their enchantment(s) are the equivalent of a level 30 enchant. Enchanted Books will receive any enchantment equivalent to that of a level 30 enchant in an Enchanting Table.


Bowl 1.2%
Leather 1.2%
Leather Boots 1.2%
Rotten Flesh 1.2%
Water Bottle 1.2%
Tripwire Hook 1.2%
Bone 1.2%
Stick 0.6%
String 0.6%
Fishing Rod 0.24%
10 Ink Sacs 0.12%


Fishing Rods obtained as junk will be very damaged and unenchanted.


There are two enchantments that affect the outcome of fishing:

Lure, which:
  • Decreases the wait time between fish bites
  • Decreases the chance of treasure and junk items
Luck of the Sea, which:
  • Increases chance of treasure
  • Decreases chance of junk


To catch the most fish, it is suggested using a fishing rod with both Lure III and Luck of the Sea III
To catch more treasure, it is suggested using a fishing rod with Luck of the Sea III only. Lure III will reset the chance
At Lure VIII (unobtainable without the use of the /enchant command), fish bite the rod instantly
At Lure IX or above (also unobtainable without commands), nothing can be caught
A fishing rod with Lure III and Luck of the Sea III has no chance of catching junk

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