Firework Star

The Firework Star is an item in Minecraft that is used for crafting Firework Rockets. It is crafted with 1 Gunpowder, 1 Dye and 1 additional modifier (optional). Additional "fade" dyes can be added to the already crafted Star.

Shape modifiers

Modifier Firework shape
No modifier item added Small ball
Fire Charge Large ball
Gold Nugget Star
Feather Burst
Mob Head (any type)* Creeper-shaped

Effect modifiers

Modifier Effect
Diamond Trail
Glowstone Dust Twinkle


To add a fade color, an already crafted Firework Star must be combined with the desired fade dyes.

Crafting Firework Rocket

To craft a Firework Rocket with the color, fade, effect and shape of the Firework Star used, the Star must be combined with 1 Paper and 1 Gunpowder in a crafting grid.

*Only Wither Skeleton Skulls are available in legitimate survival mode.

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