A Firework Rocket is an item that you place on the ground. It then launches in to the air and explodes into colours and patterns. A firework rocket is created using 1 Firework Star, one piece of Paper, and one Gunpowder in this pattern in a crafting bench:


NOTICE: You only need 1 gunpowder along the bottom, but the more gunpowder you add, the higher the rocket goes.

This ordinary firework rocket will explode white. If you want to add colour to the rocket, than you need to use a firework star with some dye. Put the firework star anywhere in the crafting bench, and add dye. Then you can put the firework star WITH colour on the top row. You can put more than one in if you want to add more colours. You can also add different affects to your rockets. Below is a list of things you can use to make your firework even better.

Fire Charge: Large Ball

Diamond: Trail

Mob Head: Creeper Shaped

Feather: Burst Explosion

Glowstone Dust: Twinkle

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