Fire Charge
Fire Charges are an item in Minecraft. Though hard to get, they provide a way to light a fire if one has no Flint and Steel.

Shapeless recipe


If a Ghast deactivates your portal and your Flint and Steel breaks, you have two options: Either begin the dangerous task of having a Ghast reactivate it, or kill Wither Skeletons, Blazes, and Ghasts to make a Fire Charge.

How to obtain


Fire Charges can be shot from Dispensers when activated by a redstone signal. This makes no explosion, but can set targets on fire.


  • In the Xbox 360/Playstation Edition, the Ender Dragon shoots a ball that looks like a Fire Charge at the player, except it's purple instead of red-orange. This is called Ender Acid or an Ender Ball. It also makes the same explosion as a Ghast's fireball.
  • If a Fire Charge collides with an arrow after being shot from a dispenser, it disappears and the arrow is set on fire. However, this is quite rare.
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