Fence Gates are similar to Doors, except they are 1.5 blocks high, attach to some transparent blocks, and
Fence Gate
have no relation to Zombies and Villagers. They are often used as gates to pens, as doors will not link with Fences due to their being transparent. Fence Gates are oriented with the broad side facing toward the player when they are placed. They will also open away from whichever direction they were opened from.


  • Do not allow Villagers in
  • Are not broken by Zombies
  • Prevent escape from areas
  • Stop Water/Lava
  • Can be activated by Redstone
  • Allow arrows to pass above them


  • Do not allow Villagers in
  • Prevent escape from areas
  • Stop Water/Lava
  • Allow Skeletons to shoot above them


  • Although they are Wood, Fence Gates are not flammable.
  • They can be crafted with 1 block of Wood with nothing left over: 2 Wooden Planks into 4 Sticks, while the other two remain whole.
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