Data Values Hex: 288
Stackability Positive
Type Crafting Material
Feathers are items dropped by Chickens. While their primary use is in crafting Arrows, they can also be used to make a Book and Quill

A Book and Quill's Crafting Recipe

when combined with an Ink Sac and a Book or to make a special "burst" effect in Firework Rockets.


  • Put below one Stick and one Flint to make 4 Arrows.
  • Put in a crafting grid with a Book and an Ink Sac to make a Book and Quill
  • Put in a crafting grid with Gunpowder and a dye to make a Firework Star

How to obtain


  • Zombies used to drop feathers (and still do on Pocket Edition). This was because Notch "Had no idea what to make them drop." 

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