Health Points 8
Attack Strength 2
Drops None
Spawn Where an Enderman or player teleports
Experience Points 3

[view][talk] Endermites are mobs added in Update 1.8. Nothing else is known about them, except that Endermen attack them. This indicates that they are possibly parasites of Endermen.

Fighting Endermites

Let Endermen kill them. If there is no Enderman around, use any type of sword. Bows are inadvisable due to their small size and irregular movement type, similar to Silverfish.


Endermite have a chance to spawn whenever an Enderman teleports or wherever The Player teleports using an Ender Pearl.

Where they live naturally


  • This mob resembles a Silverfish in design.
  • This mob was added in the 14w11b snapshot.
  • Endermites and Silverfish are both suffocated on Soul Sand.
  • in the 1.8 snapshot 14w11b endermites had a sliverfish texture with purple look.
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