Sword with enchants

Enchanted Sword

Enchanting table

Enchantment table

Enchantments can be added to tools, weapons, books, and most recently fishing rods, in order to give special abilities, such as Silk touch on a pick, or Knockback on a sword or bow. As of Minecraft 1.8, all enchantments now require Lapis Lazuli as well, giving a use to the item.

How to enchant items

3 methods can be used to enchant items:

  • using the command /enchant <player name> <enchantid> <enchantlevel>
  • using an Enchantment Table
  • combining the item with a compatible enchant on a book with an Anvil.

List of Enchantments

Enchant Name Primary Item(s) Secondary Item(s) ID Max Level Effect
Protection Armor 0 IV Reduces all Damage
Fire Protection Armor 1 IV Reduces Damage from Flames, Lava, Fireballs, etc.
Feather Falling Boots 2 III Reduces Fall Damage
Blast Protection Armor 3 IV Reduces Mob/TNT Explosion Damage
Projectile Protection Armor 4 IV Reduces Damage from Arrows and Fireballs
Respiration Helmet 5 III Increases Underwater Breathing Time
Aqua Affinity Helmet 6 I Increases Mining Speed Underwater
Thorns Chestplate Other Armor 7 III Damages Attacker
Depth Strider Boots 8 III Increases Speed Underwater
Sharpness Sword Axe 16 V Increases Weapon Damage
Smite Sword Axe 17 V Increases Damage to Undead Mobs
Bane of Arthropods Sword Axe 18 V Increases Damage to Arthropods
Knockback Sword 19 II Increases Knockback
Fire Aspect Sword 20 II Sets Mobs on Fire
Looting Sword 21 III Increases Drops from Mobs
Efficiency Pick, Axe, Shovel, Shears 32 V Increases Mining Speed
Silk Touch Pick, Axe, Shovel, Shears 33 I Blocks drop as themselves

Almost all Tools/Armor

Hoes, Shears, Flint & Steel, Carrot on a stick 34 III Decreases damage to items
Fortune Pick, Axe, Shovel 35 III Increases block drops
Power Bow 48 V Increases bow strength
Punch Bow 49 II Increases bow knockback
Flame Bow 50 II Sets mobs on fire
Infinity Bow 51 I Shooting uses no arrows
Luck of the Sea Fishing Rod 61 III Decreases odds of catching junk
Lure Fishing Rod 62 III Increases odds of catching fish

Primary items are items that can receive the enchantment in an Enchantment Table. Secondary items require the use of an anvil.


  • A sword cannot have Sharpness, Smite, and Bane of Arthropods, even when used in an anvil.
  • Any piece of armour also cannot have 2 or more different kinds of Protection enchantments even with an anvil. (So say someone gets Protection III on a chestplate. Then they will not have Fire Protection as well.)

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