Elytra are an item that allow the Player to glide. They are gray in color unless the player is wearing a cape, in which case the Elytra will take the design of the cape. They were added in Update 1.9.


Elytra are obtained by going to End Cities. One pair of Elytra are found in an Item Frame in each End Ship. Elytra can be repaired by adding Leather in an Anvil.


Elytra are equipped in the Chestplate slot. The player must jump in midair to begin gliding. If the player looks up, this will provide a temporary Altitude boost. Later however, the rate of descent will begin to increase. The Player looks up and down to control the rate of descent, and left and right to control the direction the Player is traveling in. Elytra have 431 durability, or 7 minutes and 11 seconds of flight. If you hold a Firework Rocket in your hand and use it, you will receive a temporary speed boost. Elytra can receive the Unbreaking, Mending, Curse of Binding, or Curse of Vanishing Enchantments.

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