Status Effects, or simply Effects are conditions that modify an entity. Effects are received by Potions, Beacons, Eating, Mobs, or the /effect command.


ID Name Effect Cause
1 Speed Increases player movement speed Potion


2 Slowness Decreases player movement speed Potion
3 Haste Increases mining speed Beacon
4 Mining Fatigue Decreases mining speed Approaching an Elder Guardian
5 Strength Increases damage dealt Potion


6 Instant Health Heals entities, damages undead Potion
7 Instant Damage Deals damage to entities, heals undead Potion


8 Jump Boost Increases jump height and reduces fall damage Potion


9 Nausea Wobbles the screen Pufferfish
10 Regeneration Regenerates health over time Potion

Beacon Golden Apple

11 Resistance Reduces damage received Beacon

Enchanted Golden Apple

12 Fire Resistance Immunity to lava and fire Potion

Eating an Enchanted Golden Apple

13 Water Breathing Prevents oxygen bar from decreasing and improves underwater vision Potion
14 Invisibility Causes entities to disappear Potion
15 Blindness Prevents the player from seeing long distances
16 Night Vision Maximizes brightness everywhere Potion
17 Hunger Causes food bar to decrease Raw Chicken

Rotten Flesh Pufferfish

18 Weakness Decreases damage dealt Potion


19 Poison Deals damage over time but cannot kill entities Potion

Cave Spider Pufferfish Spider Eye Poisonous Potato

20 Wither Deals damage at a slower rate, but can kill entities Wither

Wither Skeleton

21 Health Boost Increases base health
22 Absorption Adds extra heath Golden Apple
23 Saturation Increases food bar
24 Glowing Adds a white outline around a player Hit by a Spectral Arrow
25 Levitation Makes you float Shulker

Using the Command

To use the /effect command, follow this template:

/effect <player> <effect> [seconds] [amplifier] [hideParticles]

For example, you could use:

/effect @p 1 60 1

This command will give the nearest player speed II for one minute. The level of the effect is one number above the amplifier, so 0 becomes level one, to a max of 255, which becomes 256.

/effect Etho strength 1000000 255 true

This command will give any player named Etho strength at level 256 (maximum) for 1,000,000 seconds (maximum) with no particles.

Clearing effects

Effects can be cleared in one of four ways:

  • Death
  • Drinking milk
  • Using /effect <player> clear
  • Using /effect <player> <effect> 0, to clear a specific effect

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