Iron Door
The Door is a method of barring entry to an area and allowing only players,
Wooden Door
Villagers and (only in Hard Mode), Zombies to enter an area. Doors are crafted with 6 of their material; there are two types, Wood and Iron. They are largely the same, but there are two major differences. As of 1.8, both types of door are stackable and each type of wood has a separate door design, but oak kept the original design.

Wooden Doors

These are broken much more quickly by an Axe than by any other tool. Zombies will approach these and try to break them down. They can be opened by a right-click (formerly left-click).

Iron Doors

These cannot be broken by Zombies and broken by a Pickaxe the quickest. They are stronger as well. They cannot be opened by hand; a Redstone signal is required to open them, meaning villagers cannot use them, unless there is a pressure plate for them to use. This makes them much stronger, although they are more expensive to make.



How to craft the two types of doors


  • Doors used to be able to be opened by a punch. This still applies in the Xbox 360 Edition.
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