150px-Desert Well

The Desert Well is a fairly rare structure found in Desert Biomes. It is made of Sandstone and Sandstone Slabs and is one of two water sources in deserts since 1.6.1; the other is the village well sometimes found in desert NPC Villages. The Desert Well's middle block of water is an infinite source, so players can draw water from these indefinitely. However, these wells only spawn with a 1/1000 chance per chunk, so don't expect to see many. Large Desert Biomes have a better chance because they're 4 times as big.


  • Desert Wells spawn more often in superflat Desert worlds.
  • There is a myth that Desert Wells are markers for a Stronghold's End Portal room, but this has not yet been proven.
  • Desert Wells spawn even if the "Generated Structures" option is turned off.

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