Cocoa Bean
Cocoa Bean
Important Information
In-game name Cocoa Bean
Item ID 351:3
Type Raw Materials
Stackable Yes (64)

Cocoa Beans, also called Brown Dye, can only be found in Dungeon chests or Jungle Biomes. They grow as "pods" on the sides of jungle trees and can be harvested.

Three Stages

  • In their first stage, Cocoa Beans are small and light green.
    • In this stage they drop 1 bean when harvested.
  • In their second stage, they are pale orange and a bit larger.
    • In this stage they will still drop 1 bean when harvested.
  • In their final stage they are yet larger and dark orange.
    • In this stage they drop 3 beans.



  • When walking through a 1x2 hallway with Cocoa Beans on the sides, it shows that the Player is not quite 1 block wide.
  • Cocoa Beans and Ink Sacs are the only non-primary dyes derived on their own.
  • Cocoa Beans used to have a recolored Rose Red dye texture.
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