Clownfish, also known as Nemos, are obtained by fishing into any water with a Fishing Rod. It restores 0.5 Hunger points when eaten. Clownfish cannot be cooked and can only be used to tame or breed Ocelots.

As Food

Clownfish is actually quite a terrible food because it restores very little hunger or saturation. It is, however, better than Pufferfish because it causes no negative effects on the player. Clownfish has no other uses, so it is better kept as a last-resort food or fed to Ocelots.


Stand still in a space at least 7x7 with an Ocelot. Wait for it to "sneak" up to you before right-clicking it repeatedly with the fish. Make sure you don't move around a lot.


  • Clownfish restores less hunger than any meat except Pufferfish, which, in fact, actually removes hunger.
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