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Clocks work similarly to compasses, with a spinning dial giving the player information.
The clock displays the sun and the moon's position relative to the horizon, allowing the player to know the time even when not in view of the sun.

The clock was added in the Halloween Update. Unlike many objects, you don't have to right-click the item to see the time. It shows you when you are holding it in your hand, hotbar or inventory.


Items required: 4 Gold Ingots and 1 Redstone


How To Craft A Clock


  • Clocks and compasses are useless when used in The Nether or The End, as time does not change and there is no sun or moon. The dial will spin randomly.
  • Clocks in the language English (UK) are called Watches.
  • As of the Pretty Scary Update, it is possible to make a wall clock by putting a Clock in an Item Frame.
  • The clock's texture is split into two parts - the clock body and the dial. The dial part of the clock body texture is colored pink, which is used for binary transparency in game-some graphics. (In this case, the dial texture is an overlay for the pink section.)
  • The Clock, Lead and Compass are the only stackable tools.
  • The Clock does not need to be crafted to work; it works in the crafting grid.
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