The Chest is practically a vital item in Minecraft, used for storing items. This is useful if your inventory gets too full or if you don't want to cart around Diamonds and/or other valuables when or if you get killed. It can hold up to 27 stacks.

Large Chest

Double Chest

The Large Chest, or Double Chest, consists of two Chests placed right next to each other. Another Chest cannot be placed next to the Large Chest. Large Chests have 54 slots, twice that of a normal Chest. Large Chests cannot be placed next to each other.



How to craft a chest

Note: The type of planks used has no effect.

A Chest is crafted with eight Wooden Planks. By default, it has 27 slots, each of which can be occupied by a maximum of one stack of items.


  • During the 2013 Christmas days chests are looking like a red presents. Also the large chests are looking like large green presents.
Screen Shot 2013-12-15 at 8.12.02 AM

This Village forge chest has few items in it.

Crafted Blocks
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