A player in full Chainmail Armor.

Chainmail is a class of armor in Minecraft. It is harder to get than the other armors, due to the fact that it is uncraftable in survival Minecraft without cheats. There is, however, a crafting recipe: Instead of a tool/armor making material, Fire is used. It is unknown why this is. Chain is stronger than Leather or Gold, but weaker than Iron and Diamond. It is essentially the "Stone" of the armor classes. However, you may get chain armor, though rarely, from trading with a blacksmith Villager (you also may enchant it with a Villager priest).

How to obtain

  • Kill mobs with Chainmail Armor (2.5% chance)
  • Trade with Villager armorers as of 1.8 or trade with villager blacksmiths
  • Use the /give command.

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