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Carrot on a Stick

The Carrot on a Stick was introduced as a means for guiding saddled Pigs, but pigs without Saddles still follow it. The Carrot on a Stick requires a Carrot and a Fishing Rod to craft. The Fishing Rod must be undamaged, or else the crafting recipe will not work.


When on a saddled pig, the player must hold the Carrot on a Stick in the direction they want to go (just turn normally). The pig will gradually accelerate, eventually reaching 5 meters /second (5 blocks/second). However, if the player wants to leave the pig running in the same direction for a moment (for example, to pull out their sword to hit an enemy), they must right-click the Carrot on a Stick, losing 1 out of its 3 durability, to give their pig a burst of speed in one direction without control unless the Carrot on a Stick is used again. However, this allows the player to use an item other than the Carrot on a Stick for a short period of time, for example, to fend off an attacking mob.


How To Craft A Carrot On A Stick


  • The Carrot on a Stick is a reference to the common cartoon trope.
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