Cake is the only food that does not have to be eaten in one sitting. It is crafted from 3 Milk, 3 Wheat, 2 Sugar and an Egg, making it the only food item to fill the entire crafting grid.

As Food

Cake must be placed and then eaten; it cannot be eaten in the hand. Each slice restores 1 Hunger point, whereas the entire Cake restores 6 total. However, Cake has very low saturation, meaning it won't keep you full for long, unlike how Bread or Steak would.

The crafting recipe for a Cake


  • If the Cake or the Block beneath it is mined, the Cake will disappear and not drop anything.
  • Cake is the only food that multiple players can eat.
  • After crafting, the buckets are returned to the inventory instantaneously.
  • When The Player has crafted a cake for the first time they will get the acheivement "The Lie". This is a reference to the game Portal.

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