This article is about the item. For the block it is used to craft, see Brick (Block).


Bricks are items obtained from the smelting of Clay items in a Furnace. They are used for crafting BrickBrick blocks and Flower Pots.
Brick (Item)

A Brick item.

Otherwise, Bricks have no use. They are the overworld counterparts of Nether Bricks.


  • Bricks are orange; since Minecraft's Clay is gray, they should be gray unless some other ingredient was added during smelting.
Raw Materials
Base Blaze RodCharcoalClay (Item)CoalCocoa BeanDiamondEggEmeraldFlintGlowstone DustGold NuggetGunpowderInk SacLapis LazuliLeatherNether QuartzNether StarPrismarine CrystalPrismarine ShardRabbit's FootRabbit HideSeedsStringSugar Cane
Crafted Bone MealBookBowlBrick (Item)CharcoalDyeGold IngotNether Brick (Item)StickSugarWheat

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