Brewing Stand (Full)

The Brewing Stand was introduced to replace the Cauldron, which was deemed "not user friendly" by the Mojang team. It can brew three potions at once with only one ingredient.


  1. Insert an ingredient (see Potions page for more details) in the top slot.
  2. Insert up to three Awkward Potions or Mundane Potions (or Water Bottles if brewing Potions of Weakness) in the bottom slot(s).
  3. Wait 20 seconds.
  4. Take out the newly brewed potions- or add modifiers to make them splash, extended, thickened, or "negativified."

List of Ingredients


The Brewing Stand is crafted with 1 Blaze Rod and 3 Cobblestone, making a trip to the nether necessary if playing in survival mode without mods.

Crafted Blocks
Crafted Blocks Brick (Block)BeaconRedstone TorchBlock of DiamondBlock of EmeraldBlock of GoldBlock of RedstoneBlock of IronBlock of CoalBlock of Lapis LazuliFlower PotItem FrameHopperDropperDispenserLeverPressure PlateButtonDoorTrapdoorPolished AndesitePolished DioriteSlabBookshelfJack o'LanternStained GlassStained ClayBlock of QuartzChestCrafting TableFurnaceAnvilEnchantment TableEnder ChestTrapped ChestStained Glass PaneSlime BlockBedNote BlockSticky PistonRedstone LampFence GateRedstone RepeaterRedstone ComparatorPowered RailActivator RailBoatMinecartMinecart with FurnaceCakeBrewing StandCauldron

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