The Bowl is crafted from three Wooden Planks in a pattern like the Glass Bottle, except it is 30% more efficient. The Bowl is used for holding Mushroom Stew, which gives back the bowl when eaten. When put in a crafting grid with one of each type of Mushroom, mushroom stew is produced.


When a Mooshroom is "milked" (right-clicked) with a Bowl, the Bowl will fill with Mushroom Stew.


  • Three Wooden Planks make four Bowls. The type of plank does not matter.

How to craft bowls.


  • Mushroom Stew is categorized as a food, so when it is eaten, the player seems to be eating the bowl as well, although they receive the bowl back after eating the stew.
  • The Bowl, Books and Paper are the only items in the Raw Materials category that must be crafted. Sticks and Sugar may be crafted, but they also drop from Witches.
Raw Materials
Base Blaze RodCharcoalClay (Item)CoalCocoa BeanDiamondEggEmeraldFlintGlowstone DustGold NuggetGunpowderInk SacLapis LazuliLeatherNether QuartzNether StarPrismarine CrystalPrismarine ShardRabbit's FootRabbit HideSeedsStringSugar Cane
Crafted Bone MealBookBowlBrick (Item)CharcoalDyeGold IngotNether Brick (Item)StickSugarWheat

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