Bone Meal

Bonemeal, also known as White Dye or Bleach, is made in a 1:3 ratio from Bones. It can be applied to crops or used as a Dye.


When a player (or Dispenser) applies Bone Meal to any crop, it will grow a certain amount of stages.

Wheat, Carrots, Potatoes, Melon Stems, Pumpkin Stems

When Bone Meal is applied, they will grow a certain amount. It does not affect the production of Melons or Pumpkins themselves, however.

Cocoa Beans

When Bone Meal is applied, they will grow to their next stage.


When Bone Meal is applied, they may grow into Huge Mushrooms.

Grass Blocks

When Bone Meal is applied, all grass blocks in a certain radius may grow Tall Grass flowers.


When Bone Meal is applied, they may grow into a tree if there is enough space. Do not continually spam it, as it can consume bone meal even if it can't grow due to lack of space.




Bone Meal can be used on any dyable object (Wool, Hardened Clay or Sheep) to dye it white.


  • Bone Meal is more efficiently produced than any other dye: one Bone makes 3 rather than 2.
Raw Materials
Base Blaze RodCharcoalClay (Item)CoalCocoa BeanDiamondEggEmeraldFlintGlowstone DustGold NuggetGunpowderInk SacLapis LazuliLeatherNether QuartzNether StarPrismarine CrystalPrismarine ShardRabbit's FootRabbit HideSeedsStringSugar Cane
Crafted Bone MealBookBowlBrick (Item)CharcoalDyeGold IngotNether Brick (Item)StickSugarWheat

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