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A Bone.

The Bone, dropped by Skeletons and Wither Skeletons quite commonly, is used in the taming of Wolves and a handy item for farming, as it is used to craft Bone Meal.


When a Wolf is right-clicked on with a Bone, the bone is consumed and the wolf has a 33% chance of being tamed. This does not work if the Wolf is aggressive or already tamed.


A Bone is used to craft 3 Bone Meal, which is used as a dye and as a fertilizer for plants.

Crafted Beacon BeaconFire Charge Fire ChargeBucket BucketEye of Ender Eye of EnderMap MapBook and Quill Book and QuillFirework Star Firework StarPaper Paper
Natural Water WaterLava LavaEnder Pearl Ender PearlMilk MilkBone BoneHorse Armor Horse ArmorMusic Disc Music DiscSlimeball SlimeballSnowball Snowball
Creative Bottle o' Enchanting Bottle o' EnchantingSpawn Egg Spawn Egg

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