The Boat is an extremely fast way to get around in water. It's about half as fast as flying when the boat is at full speed and as fast as a full-speed Pig (on land, not in the water!). It can be placed directly via Dispensers and cannot stack.


First, right-click to get in the Boat. Use the W or the up arrow key to push it forward. Note that using the keys to turn the boat doesn't work so well; it's best to use the mouse to turn around. Left-shift to get out. Note that, after dismounting, you may end up some distance from the boat.


2841009 COM minecraft boat1

How To Craft a Wooden boat

Boats are crafted by putting 3 planks across the bottom and 1 plank on each of the middle sides.


  • Getting out of boats in deep water sometimes results in the boat continuing to move after you have disembarked.
  • Boats used to break into three Oak Wood Planks and two Sticks, totaling up to the 5 wood planks used to craft it.

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