The 16 types of Beds

Beds are Blocks that were added in Beta 1.3. They are two blocks long and a bit higher than half a block high.

Night-Day Mechanics

When a player lies down in the bed (no hostile or neutral mobs may be within 16 blocks and the time must be 12500 ticks or more) the clock will immediately skip to 1000 ticks. This does not speed up processes, such as Smelting, Saplings growing, or entities decaying; indeed, nothing at all happens while the player is "sleeping." On multiplayer, all players in the Overworld (Nether and End are exempt) must sleep at the same time to have it skip to day.

Nether/End Mechanics

In The Nether or the End, it is impossible to sleep due to there being no day/night cycle. If a player tries to sleep, the bed will violently explode, causing Fire and destroying a good many blocks; its explosion power is a bit higher than that of TNT, and is quite capable of killing The Player.

Dying Beds

Dyed Beds were added in Update 1.12. They are available in all 16 Dye colors.


Beds are crafted by placing 3 wooden planks along the bottom of a 3 by 3 crafting grid, and then placing 3 Wool in the middle row of said crafting grid.

How to craft a bed


It is used for skipping night (13000 to 999 ticks) and setting the player's spawn point. This can be used to make sure the minimum amount of hostile mobs spawn, or it can just be to speed up the boredom of waiting for the sun to rise. Note that time will not pass regularly when the player is sleeping in a Bed.


  • It is possible to suffocate in a block when getting up from a bed.
  • The Player cannot sleep in a bed if a hostile mob is anywhere within 16 blocks of the bed.
  • Sometimes you will wake up outside if your bed is right beside a wall.
  • Beds used in the End can be used as a good technique to beat the Ender Dragon.

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