Barriers are items that were introduced in the 14w05b snapshot. They are useful for making adventure maps, but there is no way to obtain them in the game besides using commands. This block is invisible when placed

A barrier block is invisible when placed.

but appears as a red circle with a line through it in The Player's hand. If the player holds a Barrier, all Barriers in the area will appear as red crossed-out circles that will always face the player. If the player switches to another item, they will slowly disappear.


  • This block can be used to stop a Player or Mob(s) from leaving a certain area.
  • They can also be used for creating boundaries for an Adventure map.

How To Obtain

/give <Player Name> minecraft:barrier <desired number of blocks>


If you have started a world already without cheats allowed, you can open your world to LAN and choose "enable cheats".


  • Barrier blocks are the hardest block in minecraft