Armor is a useful item on Minecraft. It is worn by the Player to protect themselves from damage. The better the armor, the higher the protection level. Armor can be enchanted, like weapons and tools. Unlike with tools, Leather and Chainmail substitute for Wood and Stone. The enchantments that Armor can have are Protection (in all its forms), Aqua Affinity (cannot be used with Respiration), Thorns, the universal Unbreaking, and, for Helmet and Boots respectively, Respiration and Feather Falling.


This piece of armor offers little protection (only 1.5 armor units if it's Diamond). The Helmet can be enchanted with Respiration to help the player breathe. It costs 5 of whichever material is used.


The Chestplate is the strongest piece of armor. It is crafted from 8 of its material. The Chestplate offers 3 armor units as Diamond. It does not have any unique enchantments.


The Leggings are quite strong as well. They are crafted from 7 of their material. Like the Chestplate, they have no unique enchantments.


The Boots are as weak as the Helmet. They require only 4 of their material. Boots can be enchanted with Feather Falling to lessen fall damage, as well as Ender Pearl damage.


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