Activator Rail
Important Information
Full name Activator Rail
ID 157
Type Transportation
Blast Resistance Unknown
Naturally Spawning Unspecified
Primary Tool N/A
Minimum tool level N/A
Drops Itself
Luminosity None
Reaction to redstone Emitter
Affected by gravity Breaks when unsupported

Activator Rails, also known as Detonator Rails, are used for activating Hoppers, Command Blocks, and TNT Minecarts. They can be powered with a Redstone signal, at which point they will activate any carts passing over them.

Command Block Minecarts

If a Minecart with Command Block runs over a powered Activator Rail while at full speed, it will run its command thrice.


Activatorrail crafting

Mobs HorsePig
Minecarts MinecartMinecart with FurnaceMinecart with ChestMinecart with HopperMinecart with TNTMinecart with Command BlockBoat
Rails RailPowered RailDetector RailActivator Rail
Miscellaneous Carrot on a StickSaddle

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