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Abandoned Mineshafts are underground structures in Minecraft that spawn in random spots in a Minecraft world. They are dark wooden passages that long-ago miners once wandered searching for treasure. Alas, now they are a darkened and deadly maze, with Cobwebs and Cave Spider spawners at many turns. 

Main Room

This is a large room with a floor entirely of Dirt. It has no loot chests or any structures in it.

Spawner Corridor

This is a corridor entirely filled with cobwebs, with a Cave Spider spawner in the middle. The Cave Spiders can only spawn here, thankfully, but they can move through cobweb fast and see through walls, so avoid them if at all possible.

Loot Carts

Minecarts with Chests will spawn on the rails here. They may contain a variety of different items:


  • Although they are "abandoned," they still have multiple ore veins along the walls.
  • This is the only place Cave Spiders naturally spawn.


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